It's a long road to Tipperary.

Session 1.


Our adventure begins.
Scene: Loafers Bar.
Kev and Michele/Mike are in drinking when the door is broken open by Donal, Derek and The Jackal being thrown through it.
Chaos ensues, and when the police finish interviewing the characters, they decide to head to Mike’s house as it was nearest and they needed a place to chill out.
Discussion happens, and they all decide that they should look into who attacked the others, and head back out to the streets to follow the trail of their attacker.
They followed the trail of destruction through the streets, eventually finding themselves at St. Finbarres Cathedral.
They decided to monitor the place for a couple of days to see if there’s any sign of whoever it was that attacked them.
After spending a couple of nights watching the cathedral from the back of Jackal’s van, they managed to capture some footage of a being moving faster than the camera was capable of clearly tracking and found themselves trying to come to terms with the fact that something inhuman was behind this.
The next day the party went into the cathedral to ask around and try to find some information about who or what they could have seen. They met Father James Mulcahy, head priest of the Cathedral. They asked him a few questions and came to few conclusions. They also bumped into a man named Alex, who asked them to meet him on the top floor of Paul st. car park at midnight.
Discussion ensues.
They decide to go meet him.
Midnight. Top of Paul St car park.
Alex introduces himself to the group, and tells Kev and Mike that they need to seek instruction from someone else, then challenges the others to a fight.
After he lands 3 strikes on each of them, and they find themselves unable to touch him, Donal manages to empower a weapon and break through Alex’s defenses. This one hit is sufficient to end the fight, as Alex was here to instruct them as Hunters.
He recommends that Kev and Mike speak to the White Witch in Cobh, as she is said to be some sort of magician and seems to be similar to whatever they are.

Session Ends.


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